Ah yes, VICE, the paragon of news/media coverage.

While the news/media company has certainly solidified a certain perception of themselves in the main stream, a few of their stories are still wildly entertaining if only for their sincere absurdity and willingness to laugh in the face of convention.

At a recent music festival, VICE sent reporter(?) Josh Haddow to find out what fans of Skrillex are really like. In an interview piece with a few colorful individuals, we learn a few things about Skrillex fans, but none of them are really all that pertinent.

Check out the entertaining video below.

Who Actually Listens to Skrillex?

"As soon as it kicks in, my shirt is off and I'm swinging it"We found out who actually listens to Skrillex.

Posted by VICE on Tuesday, August 15, 2017