Twenty hours ago, a random track was uploaded on Carnage’s Soundcloud, prompting users to believe he had been hacked. Carnage confirmed as much on Twitter, though seemed oddly okay with it.

The upload itself was titled “Hacked by Quinn,” so it wasn’t really a far stretch to assume hacking in the first place. The track is… rather tongue in cheek. Lyrics “I’m so fresh you could suck my nuts” repeat throughout the duration of the track.

It’s been 20 hours since the track was uploaded and it still hasn’t been removed.

Perhaps stranger still is the hacker, user @ZG on Twitter, seems possibly depressed and in need of help. He’s tweeted about taking prescription pills and writing, “let’s see where did takes me perhaps see u Neva again idk” [sic]. He also asked if anyone wanted his Twitter accounts, bitcoins and other things, “I don’t care.”

Others have already reached out to him to see if he’s okay. His most recent tweet was four hours ago.


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