Music festivals have been known to get weird, and the traditions seem to keep getting weirder…

There are some festival trends that make no apparent sense (like pineapples, for instance), some that derive from modern day urban legends (if you’ve ever heard people shouting “CARL!?!?” for example, there are many reasons why) — and then there are traditions that pop up seemingly out of nowhere, but somehow enhance dance culture in a way that makes the festival experience even more, weirdly amazing.

The latest, and perhaps the most endearing for performers is the “shoeing” phenomenon (not to be confused with a “shoey,” or drinking out of one’s shoe) that is taking over the scene. The idea behind it is similar to lifting a lighter in the air to show an act you highly approve of their performance.

If you think about it, nothing shows appreciation more than taking off your shoe to prove you don’t even care if you go on living life without said shoe. Not to mention, it does take a certain amount of effort, depending on the type of shoe, to bend down, remove it, and wave it in the air (especially depending on the influences one might be under).

It’s a small, strange gesture, but speaks volumes to the DJ:

“Wow… All of these people would risk losing their shoe… for me?”

Below, clips from Gottwood and Motor City Drum Ensamble music festivals prove just how effective, and funny shoeing be. The only question is: who would you take your shoe off for?

Shoeing at Gottwood

Shoeing at Motor City Drum Ensamble

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