Jauz just can’t stop putting out fire. Since 2017 kicked off he’s delivered four new singles, five actually if you count the Slushii version of “I Hold Still,” plus countless remixes and VIP edits and it doesn’t look like he’s done for a second. And today, we were graced with his new single “Alpha.”

Like with his previous offerings this year, Jauz doesn’t hold back with “Alpha.” Right from the start, the track is propelled by its stellar sound design, aggressive bass. As we get towards the two-minute mark, the track pivots thanks and kicks off once more thanks to keys, stripped down drums and more before we reach the home stretch and final furious drop.

Fans also noticed that the artwork from the singles combined to create one uniform image which spelled out “OTDE” perhaps in reference to Jauz’s last tour series, Off The Deep End. Is this a full EP? I’m not sure but hopefully, all will be revealed soon.


Featured Image: Rukes