If you’ve ever wondered what two producers as epic as Eric Prydz and Hans Zimmer would sound like mashed up together, the fast-rising artist ANGEMI has you covered!

It’s a bold move to remix any masterpiece equivalent to that of “Opus” by Eric Prydz, or the main “Interstellar” theme by Hans Zimmer. ANGEMI’s latest does just that and beyond, as this unique project speaks volumes of the producer’s ability to make even the most iconic pieces his own.

Psytrance reaches new areas of dance music with “Opus Interstellar,” while keeping the original emotional vibes intact.

ANGEMI describes his personal take on the new “vs.” remix on SoundCloud, “This is not only a great tool for your dj sets but is also a tribute to one of my favourite movies.”

“‘Opus Interstellar’ is about to blow your mind,” he continues — and how right he is! Let this massively theatrical and entrancing mix take you to another time and place, even if it’s outer space!

Eric Prydz vs. Hans Zimmer – Opus Interstellar (ANGEMI Remix)