Not every song has to be a banger…

While this isn’t exactly a secret, and it’s been made an example of more than once before, Prismo hammers the nail in with his new song “Bright.”

It certainly sounds like “Bright” could fit the archetype for a future bass banger, especially with the melodic and suspenseful intro that it establishes. However, it goes a different direction in the “drop” – which is hardly that. It’s more of a change in rhythm and arrangement than anything else, giving a different flavor to the same soup, so to speak.

The track goes back into its vocal bridge before – oh, did I say this song isn’t a banger? I lied.

The final drop finally takes the bull by the horns and goes full tilt with anthemic chords and slamming kicks, taking all of the latent energy left behind by the first “drop,” and unleashing it all at once. Musically, it’s a wonderful effect that comes into full view right at the very end.

Check out “Bright” below and grab a free download while you can.