Coming together for a massive new future hit, Blvk Sheep joins forces with Yuneer Gainz for an impeccable new hit that combines powerful vocal stylings with high energy production for their hit new single “Never Give Up.” Over a year in the making, Blvk Sheep became connected with Yuneer via their mutually shared manager.

At the time, Yuneer was working with Atlantic Records on writing sessions, and asked Blvk Sheep to send a demo over to him. The two worked their magic combining their natural talents for one immersive song that pulls at your heart strings. From Blvk Sheep’s cinematic production style, Yuneer wanted to add that same effect vocally and brought together a choir to accompany his own impressive vocal qualities that adds an air of epicness, like something you might hear at the Olympics.

“The choir was just something I heard while I created the melody. When someone wants to make a big sound; you need to be loud. What’s louder than more voices on a record?” – Yuneer Gainz

Bringing together Yuneer’s own aunt and mother to join the choir and Blvk Sheep’s friend Jaybee on piano, the track was a “family” endeavor and the emotion shines through. Blvk Sheep talks about the track being a huge part of his growth the last few months, and a message for all those who deal with depression and anxiety that they aren’t alone.

“That night we all sat in the studio & watched this song become something we never thought it would be. The process of that song & watching it be recorded is something I can never explain but I know for a fact that night we all felt something that we all couldn’t describe & knew the power of this song.” – Blvk Sheep

“Never Give Up” is now available for stream and free download and trust when we say that this is one track not to skip out on. Check it out below and cop your download while you still can!