When Taylor Swift releases a leading single, especially after three years, fans and artists alike stop everything to listen. Her attention-demanding “Look What You Made Me Do” gets what it wanted, but maybe not in the way it hoped… At least, among the majority of electronic music tastemakers.

Just a quick scroll through our Twitter timeline is all that it’s taken to realize that most EDM influencers do not like Taylor Swift’s ballsy return at all. Produced and co-written by BleachersJack Antonoff, who also had a huge impact on her most successful album yet 1989, “LWYMMD” also credits Right Said Fred for sampling “I’m Too Sexy” in the most dark, menacing way.

The leading single from Taylor’s sixth studio album Revenge clearly has all the makings to be the biggest pop hit of 2017 and maybe it still will be, but for many it misses its mark. For the record, I love it (definitely not speaking for the entire Your EDM team here). I’m not pretending to love it to defend her, I just sincerely freaking love it.

And, just think about it — have you had a conversation today that didn’t lead to talking about this song?

Before you let any of these opinions sway your thoughts on “LWYMMD,” just listen to it for yourself and see the reacts below:

Taylor Swift – “Look What You Made Me Do”

EDM Reacts to Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”

It seems Rebecca Black likes it, so maybe electronic stars are a little too critical…