Flume is truly a rare, Australian treasure, so it’s no wonder there’s a petition to turn him into a sculpture for a homeland monument!

The newly launched “Erect statue of Flume on Manly wharf” petition on Change.org is an official effort to make this happen, and we support it 100%. Literally, we just signed the thing.

“Manly is home to Australia’s finest electronic music export, Flume. It just makes sense that the GRAMMY winning artist is immortalised on the wharf, right?” Yep, makes perfect sense.

“Flume has released two studio albums and numerous EPs since bursting onto the electronic music scene, and has become an ambassador of Aus dance music.” True that.

“If anyone deserves to be sculptured, it’s Flume!” Validated.

As if we needed more convincing: “Why not! Flume is a god,” a supporter states on the petition.

Sign the “Erect statue of Flume on Manly wharf” petition here!

P.S. If you need reminding of how amazing the producer actually is, revisit his Grammy award winning album Skin — which probably deserves a statue of it’s own also — right here.

Flume – Skin

H/T: Stoney Roads