Goddamn, Terror Reid is spitting fire! Getter‘s menacing alter ego is back again with perhaps his strongest lyrical concoction yet with “Stormin tha Gatez.”

His metamorphosis from Getter into Terror Reid comes with a distinct change in character — from fun loving, silly, crazy DJ into a ruthless, “animalistic and sadistic” vocalist that is capable of the unthinkable with rhymes. As Getter lays down the framework of the track with a strangely reminiscent old school hip hop beat, Terror Reid’s lyrical genius melts into the music as the identities seamlessly become one.

UPPERCUTS,” the masked maniac’s debut video through Getter’s own Shred Collective, proved he stepped into the rap game to, for lack of better words, fuck shit up. He made it hard to not draw comparisons between his topic matter and that of the legendary Eminem, with Terror’s very first track. “WHO DAT?” with its slow motion wackiness followed up to impress, then “FUCK EVERYBODY” further solidified his zero fucks attitude.

“Stormin tha Gatez” has that West Coast OG nature about it, and isn’t afraid to bring up drugs, guns, and everything we miss about the way hip hop used to sound. Terror Reid, you’re the man, dude.