Ray Volpe has just shared the second single from his forthcoming Reality EP entitled “Hunt Me Down,” and it’s exactly what bass music needs right now.

As we’ve seen with artists like Slushii and Goshfather recently, Ray Volpe has begun using his own vocals and they appear throughout the EP, including this track. The emotional and tangible connection to his own music is easily conveyed, making for an even greater listening experience. Beyond his vocals, however, he is still able to stand on his own as a producer who has worked tirelessly these past few years to get to where he is today.

It’s hard to really pinpoint what genre “Hunt Me Down” belongs to, and that’s sort of the appeal of it. It doesn’t subscribe to any labels or pre-disposed rules of production – it’s just music, plain and simple.

You can find “Hunt Me Down” on Ray Volpe’s Reality EP, due September 5. Pre-order the EP here.