The internet is buzzing with Rick and Morty remixes and here we have another (kind of)!

Pickle Rick” has easily become one of the most popular and notorious episodes of the series, and a straight up earworm in the electronic music world. DJ/producers who happen to be fans of Rick and Morty find sampling parts of “Pickle Rick” to be irresistible — and it really tickles our pickles.

Yet another “remix” has surfaced on the internet, but as YouTube user NIGHTSTALKER points out: “This is literally on the Cymatics Titan Samplepack on SoundCloud at 4:47.” Somehow though, it doesn’t make this “Pickle Rick” (Trap Remix) any less enjoyable…

Our favorite remix comes from NOY and brings the wubba lubba dub dubs — listen below and check out even more on SoundCloud here.

“I’m Pickle Riiicckkkk!”

Rick and Morty – Pickle Rick (Trap Remix)

This one bangs, though…

NOY – Pickle Rick Mashup with The Frim’s “Swipe My Sword”

I'M PICKLE RICK!!! cc: Rick and Morty / NOY

Posted by Your EDM on Wednesday, August 23, 2017