Jay Hunna is a rapper out of Chicago who doesn’t mince words. In fact on his new single, “Good Ol’ Music,” he specifically calls out the mumble rap trend with very clear elocution and diction. The track is the first of two singles Hunna has released from his upcoming album, Better Days.

Even if he wasn’t specifically saying that he’s “talking about some Scarface and some Tupac,” as well as Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls and Fugees, it’s pretty clear by the beat and music in “Good Ol’ Music” where Jay Hunna got his inspiration. With round, a bass-heavy beat and jazzy, laid-back oversamples, this track was clearly meant to emulate the “Good Ol’ Music” about which Jay Hunna is so fond.

The video for “Good Ol’ Music” also pays homage to the old-fashioned record shop, and specifically Jay Hunna’s local Chicago spot, called Dave’s Records. It seems only fitting that the 90s-era music Jay Hunna is talking about would be represented on vinyl. Overall it’s a charming picture Hunna paints about what is clearly his favorite sub-genre of hip hop.

Jay Hunna has a second single, “Mind Blown”, a more trap-centric track, listed on his Soundcloud page. His full album, Better Days, will release on September 8. Pre-order link here.