The Peanut Gallery is largely one guy, despite what the name implies. Orlando Solo is a rapper out of Jew Jersey whose first single, “Deep Thoughts” is mostly hip hop but it also has ravey elements. Solo recently released a video to accompany the track, which follows the storyline of the lyrics and promises more to come.

“Deep Thoughts” and, indeed, Solo himself seem to be all about the rap. The track is extremely vocal heavy, with barely a musical intro or outro. Solo is what is referred to as a “straight-line” rapper, where the lyrics follow every beat and even every half beat, in this case. This style has become popular again recently with the entre of trap, as the syncopation is different than in hip hop and so the lyrics follow the beat in a straight line.

The beat in “Deep Thoughts” is sort of a trap/hip hop hybrid, and there are snare elements woven around said beat which definitely reflect trap, but the rave element comes more from the synths. It’s clear that Solo as The Peanut Gallery wants the music on this track to be stripped down so that the lyrics can shine, but the melody on the synths nonetheless gives a heavy nod to techno organ effects.

The video for “Deep Thoughts” is also quite stripped down and, despite the character of Solo being played by and Arthur The Anteadter Doll, has an extremely realistic quality to the filming. The way said film is put together, however, is what makes the video quite trippy, as the video jumps from storyline to storyline, just as Solo’s lyrics do. The way it’s put together has a Gheto Boys “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” quality to it, for the older hip hip fans.

It seems yet to be determined whether The Peanut Gallery will add more EDM style to his future tracks, but he’s caught enough interest from both hip hop and EDM camps now that his style will likely also be appreciated by both going forward.

“Deep Thoughts” is out now and available to stream on The Peanut Gallery’s Soundcloud, on Spotify or for purchase on itunes.