Perusing Lachi’s Soundcloud page, audiences may be a bit confused as to her style. Her first EP Selfish released earlier this year and in its three songs runs the gamut between pop, dancehall and EDM. She also has a track on Soundcloud that appears to be a sort of country/pop hybrid. It seems, however, that in recent months Lachi is making a hard transition to EDM with tracks like the recently released “Living a Lie” feat Styles P. Out now on Sony, this track was definitely made for the clubs.

As “Living a Lie” opens, it’s unclear which direction the track will take style-wise; it’s a pretty conventional opening with a build that could go to bass house, trap, dubste; anywhere but drum and bass, really. Once the drop hits, it’s a trap/dubstep hybrid for the beat, apparently produced and mixed by Nrec, but the synths are more techno/rave. This seems to be a trend in more pop-based trap, and it seems either Lachi herself or the producer was trying t0 make this track more palatable to the EDM fans. They very nearly pull it off as well.

The only issue or detractor is that there are parts of the pop-composed track which are too cut up and broken on the mixdown, and it’s done in weird places. Again, this was likely done to achieve a more EDM sound, but it’s a bit discordant with the rest of the track and doesn’t really add much. Aside from this, however, “Living a Lie” is a decent first effort for an EDM track, and here’s hoping Lachi keeps experimenting with the format.

“Living a Lie” is out now on Sony and available on Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes.