Music festival tickets truly are a hot commodity, and some people are going to extreme measures to get their hands on them…

Earlier this year we heard of a man getting held up at gunpoint for his Electric Forest tickets, and now a Chicago man is facing theft charges for robbery of Lollapalooza tickets.

The 19-year-old suspect Rhaquen M. Freeman reportedly met up with a woman to buy the Lolla tickets, stole them, and resold them on Facebook. He wasn’t finished yet however, he is said to have met up with a prospective buyer, only to take the money and commit robbery once again, taking the music festival tickets back into his possession.

We’re not talking GA tickets, because according to the release the woman told police they were worth $1,340. The next “sale” was valued at $700 when he took off with the money. Police caught up with him in the end.

Freeman is out on bond and due back in court on August 22 to face his fate.

Source: Chicago Tribune