Yellow Claw has just released a new video for their collaboration with Juyen Sebulba called “Do You Like Bass?”

The song rhetorically asks “Do you like bass in your mother fuckin face?” to begin – we assume it’s rhetorical, because honestly whoever is listening to Yellow Claw must already like bass. Before the track even begins, though, the video warns that those with epilepsy – and even those without? – might have seizures triggered by this video. (While those without are probably fine, those actually suffering from epilepsy¬†should not watch this video.)

The song has very little “song” qualities, but that’s not what it’s about in the first place. This is a straight up club and festival banger meant to get the crowd moving with a high-tempo rhythm and intense synths. And as far as that goal is concerned, it is achieved to excessive degrees.

Check out the song and video below!

Juyen Sebulba’s sophomore Barong Family EP, Mach 2,¬†comes out in a few weeks on September 22, so be sure to keep an eye out for that as well!