deadmau5 took his awesome, new mini cube known as the cube lite for a test spin and live streamed the whole thing for his fanbase!

The cube is a miniature replica of cube 2.1, capable of projecting all the same graphics showcased during the first run of his Lots of Shows in a Row Tour and then some, just without the moving parts. The smaller cube lite version is a much more compact and mobile DJ stand, programmed to wow crowds with a more manageable setup.

During the video below, the producer talks a bunch of nerd stuff, like rendering the graphics and such — but if you’re not into all that, the stunning images on the mini cube will speak for itself.

Lots of Shows in a Row: Pt. 2 is about to kick off and deadmau5 has invited plenty of friends this time around. Netsky, Loud Luxury, Com Truise, ATTLAS, Kill the Noise, and Chris Lake will all join the tour (more details here).

Tickets available via!

deadmau5 Demos the Mini Cube + Upcoming Tour

Image via Rukes