deadmau5 sold his famous Nyanborghini Purracan (which is basically a Lamborghini Huracán with the sickest internet meme wrap ever) and it will be deeply missed by both the producer and his fans!

Soak in this fleeting moment below — because this is the last known photo taken of the Purracan, as deadmau5 has confirmed he sold it to make room for his $288,000 McLaren 720s. We’re sure the producer’s new rides will come and go, but this one holds a special place in our hearts, for sure.

“She had a good run,” deadmau5 said, but he admits he’s happy it will get some good use and he can free up some space. “Win, win!” he added.

So, this is goodbye, Purracan…

RIP Nyanborghini Purracan