New Music Friday is always full of surprises but this has to be the biggest one yet — the new Kygo and U2 collaboration is officially dropping tomorrow! Tropical house’s biggest export and the Irish rock legends might not be the most obvious pairing but it’s high time that Kygo put out a new record.

We were able to preview the track, and trust us… It’s a must-hear. Bono’s iconic vocals are certainly recognizable atop a solid guitar riff and poppy melodies while Kygo’s trademark piano comes into play as well. The minor vocal chops and final drop certainly speak to Kygo’s EDM influences, too. Compared to the original which came out just last week, Kygo’s version certainly dials up the pop and dance influences while still retaining the ballad-like emotions of the original.

Whether it’s pop or EDM, Kygo has showed in the past that he can do it all and yet again he delivers with his take on “You’re The Thing Best Thing About Me.” Check back here first thing tomorrow to listen!

U2 & Kygo – “You’re The Thing Best Thing About Me”

Photo via Rukes