The day is finally here! After releasing a number of singles, Galantis‘ sophomore album The Aviary has finally dropped – is it worth the wait? Absolutely.

This album is everything we know about love about Galantis turned up to 11. Their unique poppy, progressive house aesthetic is on full display here and more. And though a number of the tracks have already been released as singles, including the final three songs, “Love On Me,” “Pillow Fight,” and “No Money,” the tracks that are new to fans keep the album fresh and interesting throughout.

One of the new standout tracks is undoubtedly the collaboration with Wrabel, “Written In The Scars.” It’s noticeably more melancholy than the typical Galantis track, and Wrabel’s voice is at odds with the normally bubbly and happy vibe of a typical Galantis track. But that’s precisely why it stands out on the album and why it makes such a huge impact.

Other new favorites include the Poo Bear collaboration “Salvage (Up All Night)” and “Call Me Home,” the latter of which has an absolutely addictive guitar and vocal riff. It’s songs like this that really show the power and finesse of Galantis’ songwriting skills.

The Aviary is available now! Check it out on Spotify below.