Not every weekend is filled with things to do, but if you’re looking for a quick getaway this Sunday, there’s no place we can recommend more than Wet Republic with Kaskade.

The American DJ and producer just dropped his new Redux 002 EP a couple weeks ago, so you know there’s going to be plenty of new music in his set, as well as all the classics.

We were able to ask Kaskade some questions about the new EP before his set this weekend, check that out below.

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Congratulations on the new EP! How did the release come together and how long have you been working on it?

The impetus for the release was when Spotify called up and wanted me to be the face of them rebranding their electronic playlist, mint. Their timing was great, as I had most of these songs done over a year ago, and was rounding the corners on some and making the edges more jagged on others. I figured the end of the summer was a most excellent time to release REDUX EP 002.

You have two “double collabs” on the EP with Late Night Alumni and LoKii – what inspired that? What was it like to work with them and build them into the overarching vision of the EP?

Late Night Alumni of course goes way back with me, and we are always in touch and interested in each others’ projects. It’s inevitable that we’ll continue weaving our musical paths.

One of the parts of my life that I count as the luckiest is that I have the chance to collaborate with such a rich cache of artists on an almost weekly basis. LoKii is someone who has been on my radar in his different incarnations for a long time, and when everything lined up for us to get to give a few sounds a try, all those sounds came together in some Redux stormers.

Are there any songs that were considered, but didn’t make the cut?

Sure, there always are. I cut one song off and added another within 48 hours of its release. Sometimes it’s fun to keep my team on their toes. They love that.

What up and comer, regardless of genre, do you want to collab with most?

There’s a lot of new talent out there right now and it seems like more and more nobody wants to stick to their own genre. I’m all about that. I wouldn’t mind working with some of these new voices like Swae Lee or SZA.

What’s your #1 song of the summer?

The #1 song of every summer is Ice Cube, “It Was A Good Day”.

Is there a Redux 002 tour coming soon? If so, what can we expect?

Yes. You can expect hedonistic amounts of bass, not a lot of lighting and very few drops. In 12 cities near you.


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