Fans were dismayed when Beyoncé had to pull out of headlining Coachella this year due to her pregnancy, but we might end up getting a better show next year after all if these rumors come to fruition. Dish Nation is reporting that Coachella organizers have high hopes for a Destiny’s Child reunion at the 2018 event.

DN specifies that Coachella is not “pushing her into anything,” she’s doing it because she wants to be recognized as the greatest headlining performer in the festival’s history. And based on the timing of it all, a reunion makes sense.

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the group’s self-titled debut album (back when there were four members & no Michelle Williams), and the whisper among festival execs are sure that they are planning on marking that milestone with some performances.

Beyoncé famously reunited with the other members of the group in 2013 when she played the Super Bowl XLVII Halftime show, so it’s not like there isn’t any precedent for the reunion.