Zedd and Liam Payne take on the streets of London in the producer’s latest music video for “Get Low!”

The concept is simple: the two perform their hit “Get Low” live in a public area for an unsuspecting crowd, and magic starts to happen. Watching the two roam the city and interact with fans puts an awesome spin on the typical shot-by-shot directed music video.

The best part: Zedd and Liam ditch their typical high end productions for just a mic, a keyboard and backpack speakers.

Zedd offered up some commentary behind the shoot via YouTube:

Liam and I decided to go to London and surprise fans with a street performance of “Get Low”. We both wore backpacks with speakers. Liam had a mic and I had a little keyboard. We went to the most public places we could imagine to perform this with cameras following us. We had a BLAST filming this and meeting all of u. We hope u have fun watching it. Let us know in the comments what u think. 🙂 – Zedd

Zedd & Liam Payne – Get Low