Pretty Lights is taking a stand against totems — at least ones in close proximity to the front of his stage.

Over the weekend during his Episodic Festival performance at Bank Of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford, New Hampshire, the DJ/producer put a restriction on flags, signs, or other large objects, known as totems that may obstruct views.

Apparently, it was a specific jelly fish that was causing problems for the production. A report from Live for Live Music states that crew members made the person with the jellyfish totem near the front of stage leave the prime spot. Soon after, a visual “No Totems” ban sign appeared on the screen. But, they weren’t trying to be fun suckers, they were just trying to do their jobs.

Pretty Lights’ lighting director LazerShark has since clarified the team’s totem intensions:

“Just to be clear since some people think it’s their right to be an inconsiderate douche. Your right to ‘self-expression’ has not been banned at our shows. We simply just want both our crew and our audience to be able to enjoy the show how they intended. We could have simply confiscated this stupid jellyfish but instead we decided to have a little fun and prove a very simple point. Stand to the side dummys. Or I’m coming to your job with a giant sign that says fuck you and you can explain to your boss why some guy is interfering with your work.”

It should be noted, under the show’s allowed items it stated: “Totems (constructed in a way not to be a danger to public safety),” with no specification of how close or far from the stage these objects should have been.

@prettylights's LD – @thelazershark – makes a definitive public service announcement about his thoughts on totems. #NOTOTEMS 🚫

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Source: Live for Live Music | Photo via Rukes