Hi I’m Ghost had their debut EP on Firepower Records just this past April, and they’re already back with another new string of releases that we can’t wait for. Off the forthcoming Slumber Party EP due next Friday is “Uh-Oh,” a new-age dubstep track with its own flair and style.

It starts out innocent enough, with some pleasant chords and understated percussion, but it quickly falls into the main section of the drop, hitting you with warped synths and a catchy vocal chant. The piano really helps to give the song more depth as it adds melody and rhythm to the otherwise standard dubstep affect. The final drop is even more wild and erratic than the first – and though the track is over in a quick three minutes, we just find ourselves wanting more.

Purchase the new single from Hi I’m Ghost, “Uh-Oh,” here!

Hi I’m Ghost – Uh-Oh