Google is clearly one of the leading tech companies — but even for the best of the best there are always ways to expand.

Now, Google is looking to expand its growing hardware division, as the company just bought out HTC’s Pixel team for $1.1 billion dollars. Not only that, Google is said to be taking on an Apple-like strategy towards new products, and will create software and hardware in unison.

Rick Osterloh, Motorola’s former chief operating officer has been hired to head up Google’s hardware team — the very team that developed the Pixel, Pixel XL and the Daydream View VR headset under his leadership. This can only mean a more competitive market for smartphones on the horizon, as Google looks to give Apple a run for its money.

HTC’s CFO Peter Shen says half of the 4,000 people on his company’s R&D team will join Google. The HTC team will continue producing its own line of smartphones, including a new flagship product.

Google and HTC are expected to seal the deal by early 2018.

Source: Hypebeast