Samsung is making moves when it comes to cellular devices… We recently heard of the flip phone-meets-smartphone Galaxy Folder 2 model coming soon. Now, information about an all new Galaxy X has leaked.

What sets the Samsung Galaxy X concept apart from other smartphones is its “bendable” or “foldable” nature. Although there aren’t any photos of what the device would look like (at least that we’ve seen), the display properties promise to be entirely unique. A new, innovative way for communicating is never a bad thing.

Forbes points out that Samsung has been playing around with bending displays since it launched the Galaxy Note Edge, followed by the Galaxy S6 Edge. The Galaxy X would be the next step. The device, model number SM-G888, is prospected to already be under inspection by the Korean National Radio Research Agency and listed as “radio equipment for LTE mobile communication.”

Considering Apple launched its iPhone X earlier this month, the Galaxy X could be Samsung’s way of directly competing with the insanely popular smartphone.

No word yet when Samsung will officially launch this new concept, but various reports say next year.


Source: Forbes