Hold up… Did Halsey throw some shade at The Chainsmokers?

The songstress was just about to perform their mega-hit collaborative song “Closer” when she got on the mic during iHeartRadio‘s Daytime Village show in Las Vegas over the weekend. As the beat of the track started up, she cooly said, “I’m gonna skip to my part though, ok? Because my part is the better part anyway.”

Playing the video back it seems Halsey meant it as a playful jab aimed at the other vocalist Drew Taggart and The Chainsmokers in general, but of course some people think it’s more than that. Considering iHeartRadio’s music festival packed in the performers all weekend long, we’re going with the logic that Halsey didn’t have enough time in her set to let the full track play out.

Watch for yourself…

Halsey Throwing Shade at The Chainsmokers?


Source: iHeartRadio | Photo via Rukes