You are what you stream… And if you’re anything like us, then you also stream a lot of new music on the daily! has launched to help users track streaming habits, and become more in tune with the ways they listen.

Along with the site launches an all new way for brands to learn how their audience streams. If you work in the music industry, are an aspiring DJ/producer, or simply want to learn more about Spotify’s “Understanding People Through Music” initiative, then you’ll be instantly hooked.

Scrolling through my personal, here are just some of the insights the music streaming service offers up:

-Your top track: “Bloom” – Odesza
-Recent artists include Magic Sword and Terror Reid

-74% of your tracks are energetic
-54% of your tracks are danceable
-Your average beats per minute is 122
-Your top genre is EDM which appears in 42% of your top tracks

-Other genres: electronic trap, electro house, brostep, pop, and pop rap

Yep, sounds just like me. I stream like a “partier” according to — and in the same breath the site also tells me I should explore other genres:

“One of the new streaming habits we’re measuring is listeners’ music Diversity. As one component of Diversity, we look at genre. 42% of your favorite artists are within your most-listened to genre. Did you know there are over 1,500 genres available on Spotify?”

Seriously taking note of that and will broaden my horizons. Check out your very own here!