Police weren’t messing around when they showed up to a rave in Ipoh, the capitol city of Perak in Malaysia, over the weekend.

The police team ended up detaining 225 total people Saturday night, and 62 of those individuals reportedly tested positive for drugs, as conducted by state narcotics department officials. Apparently 33.5g of “ganja” and eight “drug pills” were also confiscated from the party.

A tip-off led police to the rave, which was started up using invites through WhatsApp, WeChat, and Instagram.

It’s unclear how large this rave was, but comparing it to something like Nocturnal Wonderland, which welcomed over 20,000 attendees this year — these numbers are crazy. On the first day of the music festival, only 33 arrests were recorded, and in total this year only faced 68 total arrests, and three hospitalizations.

We’re guessing this rave wasn’t over 20,000 people deep, but still 225 people faced the law.


Source: The Sun Daily