R. Kelly famously said in his hit song “Ignition,” “Then after the show its the (after party), And after the party its the (hotel lobby)…”

Well in this case, after the party is the airplane.

When Lost Lands concluded this past weekend and attendees were forced to go home, we’re sure that some definitely didn’t want the party to end. As it turns out, one group of headbangers boarded a flight home with Ganja White Night, who performed as a special guest at the festival on Sunday night. It’s hard to tell from the video below, but according to the description on the video, the plane began to chant “Secret Set! Secret Set!”

The flight attendants were initially reticent, as you might expect, but they finally relented as over the intercom, one of them announced, that they could “rage out” for 30 seconds.

We were on a flight from Columbus to Minneapolis and got rerouted to La Crosse, WI due to a thunderstorm. They wouldn’t let us leave the plane and we got a little antsy and started playing music (and of course – headbanging). We were told multiple times to turn the music off. Being as persistent as we were… We continued playing the music and headbanging. The group then started chanting loudly; “Secret Set! Secret Set! SECRET SET!” As Ganja White Night turned and smiled at all of us. Finally, one of the flight attendants got on the intercom and told us to rage out for 30 seconds. This is what happened.

We’ve heard of secret rave flights to Ibiza with top DJs, but we’re pretty sure this is the first time a bass artists has had a ‘set’ of sorts on the tarmac.

Note: Plane in featured image is not representative of the one from the video.


via NoisePrn | Photo by @Philippe Wuyts Photography