One of the reasons I still use Soundcloud religiously is its ability to show me new music. As frustrating as the platform may be to some, the recommended tracks feature is extremely powerful and has shown me some of my favorite artists in the past, including Alon Mor and Whethan.

But as Spotify becomes more ubiquitous (more than it already is, anyway), I’ve struggled with finding methods of discovering new music on the platform beyond my weekly discover playlist and New Music Friday. For me, it’s just not as intuitive and simple and Soundcloud.

Thankfully, /u/FUCKAFISH on reddit found a relatively simple life hack to use when you get tired of waiting for your discover playlist to refresh week after week. Unfortunately, you can only do it via the desktop app. Read below for instruction on how you can keep your playlists fresh whenever you like.

[Discussion] This is a PSA to let you all know of a useful feature to discover new music on Spotify from listentothis