If you’ve been keeping up with The Martin Garrix Show, then you’ve probably been hanging on the edge of your seat for quite a while now, waiting for the superstar to finally play Coachella!

Well, here it is — one of the producer’s most epic 2017 performances summed up into a fleeting 10 minutes of crazy action (even less actually, considering the intro and outro). Watching Coachella live or via stream is one thing, but to see it from Martin Garrix‘s perspective is an entirely different animal. The bouncing crowd, the lasers, the music, all made for a special moment that could never be recreated.

His entire team, production crew, management, songstressĀ Dua Lipa, his father, and other friends and family members were all there to share the excitement. (We wonder if the weekend 2 show will be featured as well, since he brought out Troye Sivan for that.) The support surrounding Garrix is clearly one of the reasons why he’s as successful as he is, and it’s wonderful to watch it play out.

“I feel like somebody’s going to slap me and wake me up out of this fucking dream,” Garrix sums up his experience at Coachella. “I’m very happy and very thankful.”

The Martin Garrix Show: S2.E8 Coachella