The Chainsmokers are growing up right before our very eyes, and their outlooks on music and fame seems to be maturing along with them.

In a recent sit-down with W Magazine, the now 27-year-old Andrew Taggart and 32-year-old Alex Pall got real about life in the spotlight. What started as a 2012 DJ project has blasted these guys to worldwide superstardom — and it would be naive to say their “frat-dude” behavior, Grammy-nominated song about banging in a Range Rover, and their self-proclaimed “17.34 combined inches” didn’t have anything to do with it.

“We party a lot, we have a ton of friends, we travel all over, and write songs about hanging out,” Taggart explained of their lifestyle. “And it strikes a chord with people.”

Those who follow The Chainsmokers closely will notice a recent shift, however. The blurb about their total inches has since been removed from their official website, the duo’s music videos have ditched the frat party scene for more romantic storylines, and much of their music — whether you love it or hate it — has a more mature tone. i.e. “Selfie” vs. “Something Just Like This” featuring Coldplay.

“For 30 years no one cared what we had to say, then one morning we wake up, and they do—it’s weird,” Pall told W Magazine. “But I like to think we’re good guys, and we try to learn from our mistakes.”

The Chainsmokers also find themselves as the newest faces of Tommy Hilfiger, an iconic fashion brand that has worked with everyone from David Bowie to The Rolling Stones.

“It’s crazy to be a part of that,” Pall said. “It definitely feels like a lot of pressure.”

The Chainsmokers – Paris

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