Calvin Harris is coming under fire after a bizarre Twitter exchange with some doctors…

It all started with a conversation between the superstar and Dr. Ben White, Dr. Ellie, and some other reputable health care informers. One thing led to another and soon the medical professionals were calling Calvin out via social media.

“Tomorrow in clinic I’m gonna give people advice on their funk and nu-disco while you dish out health advice on here?” Dr. Ellie tweeted with a healthy serving of snark. “What d’ya think?”

Although the tweets have since been deleted, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton isn’t letting the comments go. Not only did an article run on his gossip website, but the DJ/producer’s “medically unfounded” claims are the target of the latest episode of The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker.

Read the strange interaction below in full… And this should go without saying, but never take medical advice from Calvin Harris.

Calvin Harris vs. Doctors


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