In the world of dance music, there are the producers that like to get their IDs released in full as soon as they possibly can, and then there’s the Pegboard Nerds. Beside their distinct brand of bass music, the Scandinavian duo is known for waiting numerous months – and sometimes even years – to release songs that they’ve teased in their live streams and DJ sets (so much to the point that their most common phrase seems to be “it’s never coming out”).

Thankfully, when the Nerds do decide to finally release new music, it always feels like it was worth the wait. “Heaven Let Us Down” has been one of the duo’s most anticipated tracks since it was first teased in March, and regardless of the fact that the originally-teased neurofunk version was totally flipped on its head, fans are stoked that the song is finally seeing the light of day.

Right off the heels of their downtempo hip-hop track “Speed of Light, Pt. 2,” “Heaven Let Us Down” takes things back to the manic sound fans have come to love from the Pegboard Nerds. Even so, the track offers a lot more than a sick drumstep drop. “Heaven Let Us Down” is an epic in every sense of the word, layering its instrumental with electric guitar and cellos. Los Angeles rocker Koda also makes an impressive appearance on the track, providing some perfectly harmonious, yet seriously haunting vocals. In short, this song is pretty damn good.

Listen to “Heaven Let Us Down” and download the track below:

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