Pegboard Nerds released their Nerds By Nature EP at the beginning of this year, including the opening song “Speed Of Light.” Opening with hauntingly simple vocals and a steadily rising melody, the song feels like it’s heading for a massive crescendo for what seems like forever. In fact, the song doesn’t actually have a drop; its ambiance is the whole point in setting up the rest of the EP.

However, considering it’s such a beautiful track, Pegboard Nerds have gone back to it 9 months later with help from Taylor Bennett & Skylr to breathe new life into it. Sorry bass heads, there’s still no drop, but delicate guitar plucks and fresh vocals present the Nerds’ depth of production and vision. That being said, this new version sounds absolutely ripe for a quality liquid dnb remix!

Check out “Speed of Light Pt 2” from Pegboard Nerds, Taylor Bennett and Skylr below!

Their Dawn of the Nerds tour starts in 1 week, and the nerds promise “more new music in 10 days.” Tickets are available at

10.20.2017 Exchange LA, CA
10.21.2017 Bassmnt San Diego, CA
10.27.2017 Beta Nightclub Denver, CO
10.28.2017 Kingdom Austin, TX
11.3.2017 Elektricity Pontiac, MI
11.4.2017 Slake NYC, NY