Dutch producer Pythius is set to release his newest single, “From the Future/Akkoord” this Friday, October 27 on Blackout, and while “Akkoord” may be the track many go for on this release due to June Miller’s involvement, it is definitely advisable to give “From the Future” a good listen.

In a UKF interview in 2014, Pythius said his first and foremost memorable drum and bass experience was seeing Pendulum at the Blackout club night in Amsterdam in 2005, and it’s clear from “From the Future” that those influences are still with the now-veteran producer. “From the Future” is theatrical, intense and has a clean, early ’00s-inspired beat. This beat provides a solid base for that is arguably the track’s most unique feature: the synths. Not bass synths, mind you; ’80s-style soaring almost new age synths.

The synth melody that opens “From the Future” and continues for the duration conjures up images from The Labyrinth, Tron and even early experimental electronica like Tangerine Dream. It’s surprising in two ways: one, that something like this even exists in a drum and bass track and two, that it works so well in what is still essentially a hard-hitting, bass-heavy and thoroughly Blackout track.

In the current climate where DnB artists are experimenting a lot and branching out in the kinds of sounds they can make, Pythius has shown one really interesting direction with “From the Future.” Keep looking to Blackout for more innovations.

The “From the Future/Akkoord” single is out October 26 on Blackout Recordings. Check the Blackout website for purchase links and information.