Dave Nothaker has been hard at work over the last couple years with his music production. This drive has most definitely paid off in his favor, with his recent Notaker tracks finding releases on Monstercat, Armada and mau5trap. One track – “Wake Up, You’re Dreaming” – even found a home on the Rocket League soundtrack.

Needless to say, 2017 had already been a huge year for Notaker, but the up-and-comer wasn’t quite ready to put on the breaks just yet. Earlier this month, Notaker announced he would soon be releasing his second studio EP Genesis on Monstercat, which would include the stunning Declan James Karra collaboration “Who I Am.” Notaker additionally revealed that the EP would be the first project in his sci-fi series “The Vessel,” which would focus on taking listeners through time and space with music.

With Genesis‘ full release finally upon us, we can now be certain that Notaker fully meant what he said; the EP is a musical journey in every aspect.

To fully accomplish this, Notaker combined a variety of influences from both music and film. The overall aesthetic that the EP offers borrows from the likes of sci-fi blockbusters like 2001: A Space OdysseyAlien and Interstellar, while the sound design of Genesis takes more influence from producers like Grum and Eric Prydz (“So Much Love” even almost sounds like it could be a track from Prydz himself).

Genesis is pretty harmonious from start to finish, just the way Notaker envisioned it. If you close your eyes all the way through as the EP’s intro track seems to command, you just might find yourself dreaming of flying through the cosmos and unlocking the mysteries of outer space. Then again, maybe not… But you’ll never know until you try.

Just close your eyes.

Support on all platforms: Monstercat.lnk.to/Genesis-EP