Ducky just hit us with an audacious production that dares to go further with her vocals and sound design than ever before!

Just a couple months after dropping I Fall In Love With Everyone I Meet EP Ducky has blessed us with “You Don’t Really Know,” a true gem in a mass of new music. It packs a little pop, a little punk, and even a little melodic dub. It’s incredibly catchy, highly addictive, and finds its stride at just the right wavelength — blending sweet, sweet arrangements with hardcore edges.

“You Don’t Really Know” never stays in one place for too long, jamming through its own universe of sounds that when packaged together like so will resonate in your heart and soul and make you feel some type of way.

You don’t really know what you’re missing out on until you hear it…

Ducky – You Don’t Really Know

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Photo via Quasar Media