We can always expect the unexpected with new Ghastly tracks — the guy can produce some mean house music, dubstep, future bass, and everything in between.

Take a couple of his latest releases, “End Of The Night” with NGHTMRE and “We Might Fall” with Matthew Koma. The styles are at completely opposite ends of the spectrum, but both still represent Ghastly’s unique artistry and ability to change his sound time and time again, and do it well.

For “I’ll Wait,” the producer seems to borrow influence directly from Porter Robinson. Which is funny considering Porter has moved his new project called Virtual Self with a new debut single “Eon Break.”

“SURPRISE! Just dropped a new song from my album! Trying something different as per usual — enjoy!” Ghastly gleams on Twitter.

There’s a little wonder, a little mystery, and a lot of really beautiful sound design at play with “I’ll Wait” as each element in the track seems to play of the next perfectly. The second drop in particular is as gnarly as they come, super charged with an unexpected amount of wubs and originally! Who knew so much yes could be packed into one regular sized track.

This one was definitely worth the wait! Thanks, Ghastly!

Ghastly – I’ll Wait