The ghosts and ghouls were not quiet last night at Cemetery Of Sound at the BMO Center in Calgary – a vicious he said, she said is going down right now involving two of the biggest personalities in dance music: deadmau5 and Carnage.

Both artists are claiming that the other shoved him, and neither is giving a clear indication of what went down. Carnage is claiming that Joel called multiple security guards because he’s a “scared little b*tch,” while deadmau5 is saying that Carnage brought the guards on himself when he shoved his one security guard.

Both artists have an extremely A-Type personality, along with hordes of fans who are ready to back them up at a moment’s notice (coincidentally, deadmau5’s fans actually call themselves the “horde”).

Carnage says he has video of the actual altercation going down, but deadmau5 is confident that nothing was actually captured. And until a video of the event in question comes to light, it’s impossible to weigh whose side is “right,” if there even is a right side in this at all.

Still, the fact remains that whoever thought it was a good idea to have Carnage and Deadmau5 on the same lineup, let alone playing one right after the other, needs to really figure out what their demographic is. The lineup also featured Alan Walker, Just Blaze, and No Mana.

deadmau5’s side

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