Instagram celeb & best friend to Justin Bieber, Khalil, just dropped a single with unknown, and anonymous artist “Humxn.” The single slipped under everyone’s radar until Khalil posted about it yesterday, and since then, the record started to gain serious attention and is now popping up in numerous playlists; it’s insanely catchy so we can only expect this to continue to move.

On the indie label Herø Records, Humxn looks to emerge as a pop-focused dance-derived artist. The catchy pop hook perfectly portrays “breaking up” and getting over someone you never officially dated. The start of the track is a synth heavy yet delicate melody that forms into soulful lyrics. The track has beautiful development into an explosive and still highly emotional drop.

Humxn’s bio reads as such, and it is the only bit of information we have on the artist thus far.

“From the ashes rises out purpose for creation; our soul and identity… our humxn complex bleeds emotional desires and the instinct for connectivity to one another. But in the midst of evolutional changes, genetic code, love, hate, destruction, what makes us humxn? Music. Music combines everything together in the most universal language that translates every emotion, every scenario, every thought and most importantly it gives humxns a purpose.”

Check out “Summer Fling” by Humxn and Khalil below.


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