Lunar Lander Dance Commander are a fun, almost bubbly pop punk group out of Saskatchewan, Canada with an interesting twist on their chosen genre. Their shows are lively and fun, usually including some sort of costume and involving no small amount of trippy vibes. The band just released their debut EP called Liquid Smooth and just in case the they weren’t already seen as different, they’ve added a bit of electronica to the mix.

The first single and video off of Liquid Smooth is called “We Won’t Go” and the track has a bit of a psychobilly feel guitar-wise, with harmonies which almost sound a bit grunge despite there being no shortage of punk aesthetic as well. Vocalist Stephanie Wilkinson is what makes the band sound pop punk and adds the sort of ironic bubbliness to round out the band’s sound. She also adds no small amount of synthesizers to this track, which ramp up the spacey vibe.

The video for “We Won’t Go” is simply a recording for one of Lunar Lander Dance Commander’s famously fun shows, and it shows the infectious nature of the band’s sound and energy. Here’s hoping the continue on the path of fusing pop punk and electronic trippiness in future releases.

Liquid Smooth is out now and available to stream on Lunar Lander Dance Commander’s Soundcloud, itunes or Spotify.