Dillon Francis is well known as EDM’s class clown, but first and foremost, he’s a musician and DJ – so clearly, he at least knows how to use a fader. But really, Dillon a pretty accomplished DJ and producer and he recently partnered with WIRED Magazine for a Q&A from Twitter users about DJing.

Questions range from the technical: use of Serato or various turntable devices; to the absurd: what does a DJ do when they have to poop on stage? Dillon says to ask Diplo, because apparently he’s had diarrhea while playing before. (Sorry Diplo, that sucks.)

While the whole video is honestly super entertaining, it’s actually also mildly informative on DJing as a whole, and very informative on Dillon’s own aesthetic and process when DJing and producing. So check it out below!


Photo via Rukes.com