Check out your most recently used emojis… What do you see?

If you’re like most users that describe everyday emotions through these little icons, then the “face with tears of joy” emoji is up there. According to Apple, that emoji — caught somewhere between laughing and sobbing — is the most popular of all.

It’s no wonder, considering you can apply the face to all types of situations. Someone says something snarky? Sure, go along with it. Car breaks down? Why not just have a good laugh/cry. Dog literally ate your homework? The “face with tears of joy” sums up all the emotions into one mixed feeling.

Runners up include the heart, followed by the “loudly crying face,” then the “smiling face with heart-shaped eyes” and the “face throwing a kiss.” The results were found through anonymously surveying emoji use among English-speaking iOS and Mac users in the United States.

A group of shiny, new emojis were recently unveiled, including everything from a steak to a t-rex to an orange heart, and a much needed hedgehog. We’ll have to wait and see how popular

Apple hopes to improve user experience through data such as this, which will also provide insight as to which emojis might work the best in the future.

More on this research via MacRumors and The Verge.


H/T: The Verge | Source: Apple