Ultra Music Festival is being sued for violating Title III of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

A legally blind activist and Paralympic athlete with cerebral palsy, Juan Carlos Gil, is pursuing the organization as one of his many suits. He claims that Ultra’s website and live events are not easily accessible for the visually impaired, or those with other disabilities.

The 30-page suit is reportedly “not an indictment of Ultra whatsoever,” but a “public motion for greater inclusivity.” According to the lawsuit, Ultra should be more sensitive and aware of its attendees with disabilities.

The lawyer on the case, Scott R. Dinin states:

“All we’re asking [Ultra] to do is recognize [that] this is a very diverse population, to make all their offerings available to all people in that population. We think it’ll make it a better Ultra experience and, obviously, a better Miami.”

The bigger picture — Gil and Dinin want the public to realize how important it is to comply with ADA rights. To them, this case is about something greater than political correctness.

“I think the biggest misperception of this law is that people don’t understand that it’s been law for 25 years,” Dinin says. “This same law is a civil rights law.”

Gil has filed more than 70 suits against organizations that he believes have failed to adhere to ADA regulations. He believes he’ll win the case against Ultra, and at the very least spark a much needed public conversation about the matter.

Ultra Music Festival has not yet commented on the lawsuit.


Source: Miami New Times | Photo via Rukes.com