ZHU’s last EP stardustexhalemarrakechdreams came out with plenty of hype earlier in the year and firmly cemented the producer as one of the most forward-thinking artists in music today. As implied in the EP title, and this article title, “Stardust” and “Exhale” are the first two records in the EP and we’ve just been given a mesmerizing new music video for the two songs.

The video features dancer Leiomy Maldonado as the star of the two-part feature. The “Exhale” portion of the video sees us following her into the forest voguing deep into the woods on a motorcycle. We’re later introduced to her daughters before we’re taken into the “Stardust” portion of the video. Here, we’re given a look at the daughters from within Leiomy’s womb to show how she passed on her artistry to the two fetuses who have been singing and dancing since before birth… yep.

As always in a ZHU video, the visual aesthetic and color choices are breathtaking while the message is equally ambiguous. Check it out!