GQ has just released its list of “The Man Of Today,” containing the names of 30 men who, in their words, “measure success based upon the values by which they live their lives; they’re multi-faceted individuals unafraid to express themselves through their talents; they’re trailblazers whose actions and impact on society have challenged and broadened the very nature of masculinity.”

Among the list are a variety of athletes, actors, musicians, politicians and philanthropists. Among them is 21 year old Martin Garrix, who at his ripe young age, has twice topped the DJ Mag Top 100 list, founded his own label, and makes tens of millions of dollars per year. This alone doesn’t grant him a place on the list, however, even though it seems to be the focus of GQ’s piece.

GQ writes, “Driven by a passion for music, rather than the financial rewards that his career brings him, this Dutch wunderkind originally established himself as one of the most ambitious DJs in the world when he set-up his own record label at just the age of 20.”

Garrix has also contributed to many charitable causes, not least of all Fuck Cancer, which works a lot with musicians in order to raise money for awareness and early detection of cancer.

With his whole life still ahead of him, Garrix is already cementing his status in the annals of dance music history.

See GQ’s full list here.


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